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The Gaming Community
RazoMoto is a gaming community dedicated to hosting game servers for many games including Dayz, Minecraft, Valheim and much more!  We have dedicated organizers for each server we host to  make sure our servers have the highest standard of gameplay, features and support.
All of our game servers here at RazoMoto are run on our dedicated server hosted in the UK giving us full control over all aspects of the game servers and allowing us to ensure performance in game is at its very best!  
We welcome everyone no matter where you are in the world to come and join our community, so if your looking for somewhere to call home then you have come to the right place, we offer a layed back welcoming community with a friendly and fun atmosphere!
· Active Experienced Staff 
· High Performance Servers 
· Community Influenced 
· Community Events 
· Multiple Game Servers 
· Friendly & Fun Atmosphere 
· Full Support When You Need It

Captain Bigzy
Captain Bigzy, a joint founder of RazoMoto responsible for general upkeep of the community and ensuring the smooth running of the community in general. 
Teqx, the original founder of RazoMoto way back in 2009 responsible for helping out with general upkeep of our forum and general maintenance of the community.
Daan, our in house discord developer and manager, responsible for the development of our RazoMoto discord bot, and the general smooth running of our discord server.
Our Minecraft server includes many features such as Towny, Events and a dedicated Mining world all accessed from our custom hub!

We welcome everyone to come and join in and have some fun, see full details for more information.
Our Dayz vanilla server is a great place to play and experience a non modded enviroment with some minor custom changes such as custom weather and custom loadouts...

Everyone is welcome and its a great way to meet new friends and enemies!
Our Valheim server is a fun place to enjoy this amazing sandbox survival game.  We do run BepInEx and Valheim Plus Mod, download and instructions found here.

We welcome all solo players and groups to come and experience this great game!
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