The following rules apply globally across our community including
 all game servers, discord text, discord voice chat and any other part of RazoMoto community.

- Discussions regarding political views, sexual orientation or religious preference should preferably be kept to yourself. 
- No racist, sexist or generally insulting comments, avatars, signatures or quotes. 
- You are accountable for your actions and your account, account sharing is the owners responsibility. 
- Dominant/territorial behaviour, threats, personal insults, harassment or any other undesired kind of behaviour will be met with zero-tolerance, we do not accept any such thing in our Community. 
- Respect "ALL" Staff and our Members.

- No spamming or advertising. 
- The use of bugs, exploits or glitches is strictly forbidden.

- All our game servers have a "Fair-Play", play fair policy! 
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